amilcar cabral ideological school

"We form part of a specific reality, namely Africa, fighting against colonialism, racism and imperialism, if we don’t bear these in mind, we will make several mistakes …" - CABRAL


  • July 14, 2015



Visitation to CBAAC - First day of the 10 Anniversary of ACIS

Following the commencement of the 10th Year anniversary of the Amilcar Cabral Ideological School (ACIS) in Lagos, Nigeria, a visit was made to commemorate the inauguration of the Ideological School on this day and the visit was to the CENTRE FOR BLACK AND AFRICAN ARTS AND CIVILIZATION (CBAAC).

This memorable day was graced with special interventions by the Director General of (CBAAC), Mr. Ferdinand Anikwe, brothers and Comrades from other parts of Africa and the working/administrative staff of CBAAC.

Highlights of the events included a tour of CBAAC, The Museum and a visitation to all the sections at CBAAC which included the Archives which contained the Pictures, audio visuals of the celebrations of FESTAC 77’ and also the Library.
The Anniversary continues today (15th July, 2015) with the Colloquium and other programmes at the Conference Centre.