NANS Charter of Demand


(Excerpts for the NANS Charter of Demand)

This document impinges on various areas of the felt needs of Nigerian students at home and abroad. It arises as a result of the need to improve the general level of intellectual culture of the Nigerian society, starting from the most basic form of education up to the higher institutions. In this regard we observe various factors that have led to confrontation and even crisis between the students on one hand and the various levels of government, and between the students and the school authorities.

The central theme of the document is anchored on the democratisation of education at all levels in Nigeria. By this we do not just mean free education which is not even so in concrete reality, but the elimination of gerontocracy (from primary schools to higher institutions) and a replacement with democratic rule. Hence, the question of democracy in education hinges on some factors. First, adequate funding of our education to the extent that every Nigerian is well educated (not just the ability to read and write). Second is the relevance of the content of such education to those receiving it while the third is the introduction and entrenchment of the most democratic culture in the schools.

In reality, these factors are not mutually exclusive. The demands embodied in this document are parts of a series that have been expressed informally in the past and some are those that will help every party responsible for education in Nigeria and in fact the Nigerian society as a whole to recognize the realities facing our educational system and its “beneficiaries”.



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