About Us

Background to ACIS 
For quite some time, particularly since the last one decade and a half (the 1990s), the struggle for socio-economic transformation in the country has taken the pattern of episodic and feeble reactions against the exploitative and oppressive design of the ruling capitalist cabals that make no pretense about its hegemonic hold to power.

Paradoxically, the rank of the social forces striving for social change continues to diminish without any serious initiative for the replacement of the old and tired forces, who are gradually drifting towards extinction.

Meetings of the diverse social movements ‘proclaiming’ social change for the country have become apologetic platforms for lamenting the frustrations of the people and on the decadent state of our society. The act of making changes in any society is predicated on building and increasing the forces of change.

Our society cannot be expected to transit into social change if the social forces of change are diminishing. It is clear that there is the need for medium and long-term initiatives to address the concrete challenge of political power and socio-economic transformation.

Thus, the inauguration of ACIS as an initiative to refocus attention on the creation of new forces and the intellectual sharpening of the old forces that can energize and give ideological direction to the broad social movement. ACIS is conceived to address the challenge of building cadres for the task of creating a revolutionary opening in our country.

PHILOSOPHY OF ACIS’ Political Education
These golden words from Marcus Garvey are the guiding inspiration:

  • ‘What you do today that is worthwhile inspires others to act at some future time.’
  • ‘The ends you serve that are selfish will take you no further than yourself, but the ends you serve that are for all, in common, will take you even into eternity.’
  • “to be educated is to be learned in all that is worthwhile knowing. Not to be crammed with the subject matter of books of the classroom but to store away in your head such facts as you may need for daily application of life so that you may be better in all things”.

GOALS of ACIS’ Political Education

  • Cadre and leadership training and mentoring, i.e. a bridge of the old and new, thereby contributing to raising the qualities of the new generation activists with capacity for critical analysis of issues. Participants are mentored to be organized, broad-minded, non-sectarian and competent for the challenge of organization and leadership.
  • Enhancing the capacity of participants to acquire a proper understanding of political and socio-economic realities in the Nigerian and global environment in order to appreciate the theoretical and practical challenges of all forms of struggle.
  • Character building and organization discipline, i.e. to impact on attitudes, outlook and conduct of the participants as “organizers” and “activists”, and (not arm-chair critics or opportunists).
  • Defining the challenge for forms of organization.

Strategic thrust of ACIS’ Political Education

  • The struggle should be located in socio-economic relations (productive forces and social relations of production).
  • Understanding exploitation as the basic goal of capitalist imperialism and its use of political domination, ideological and socio-cultural disorientation and destabilisation as its strategy of survival.
  • Employing ideological education and political history as the crucial analytical tools in the struggle for social change.

ACIS-M – Defining our Organisation and our Struggle

  • “Most necessary for leading the people in their struggle for liberation, in the struggle for progress, is the VANGUARD, the people who can show in practice how a better life can be achieved”.
  • “We do not fight so that in the future we will be comfortable in the governor’s palace. Our objective is not to seize the governor’s palace for Cabral and others. We are fighting to free our land not only of the colonialists but also of any type of exploitation.”
  • “Those who believe that they are fighting and suffering privations now in order to take the posts of leaders and so on tomorrow must go. We must say it now loud and clear because there are some comrades nurturing a secret thought that tomorrow they will be repaid a hundredfold for their present privations, that tomorrow they will have cars, servants, women and so on. Such people cannot be members of our party”.
  • ACIS-M is our Vanguard, formed out of our experience of struggle since the inception of Amilcar Cabral Ideological School (ACIS) on July 16, 2005. Its main principle is to consciously guide, create and work with such other pro-people’s movement that would make it possible for the seizure of political power, with which to banish exploitation and institute a collective ownership socio-economic formation, to pave way for the emergence of a humane society with communal values.
  • ACIS-M shall be a scientific Pan-Africanist, scientific socialist and revolutionary movement.