7th June 2016

Cristina da Silva PEDREIRA

Head of Office




Coup d’état in Guinea Bissau – ECOWAS Should ACT Now!

  • President Jomav Must Respect the Constitution
  • PAIGC Has the Right to Form Government
  1. The Amilcar Cabral Ideological School (ACIS) based in Nigeria is compelled once again to alert the authority of the Economic Community of Western African States (ECOWAS), the Nigerian people, the Pan African world, the International working people and the solidarity movements across the world on the situation of power struggle in Guinea Bissau; and the necessity for ECOWAS to prevail on President Jomav to Respect the country’s constitution.
  2. We recall that on August 27, 2015, through a public statement, ACIS cautioned the Nigeria Government when it appointed Former President Olusegun Obasanjo as the envoy to mediate in Guinea We stated clearly that “What is ongoing in Guinea Bissau is an internal party struggle in the African Party for the Independence of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC) - the party of Amilcar Cabral. The PAIGC and the masses of the people in Guinea Bissau have been struggling to contain right-wing and anti-people elements within the party through internal democracy practice”.
  3. The FACT of the matter then were as follows:
    • On 12th August  2015, the President of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau (who is a member of PAIGC) sacked the PAIGC led Government and called (in line with the Constitution) on the PAIGC to submit the name of another PAIGC member for Prime Minister.
    • The PAIGC met to deliberate on the matter and re-submitted the name of the sacked Prime Minister. In response, the President of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau (this time disregarding the Constitution) rejected the mandate of the Party and appointed his crony - the 3rd Vice-President of the PAIGC (who has been feuding with the recently sacked Prime Minister).
    • The National People’s Assembly, which is the Parliament in Guinea Bissau, passed a Resolution calling on the President to sack his newly self-appointed PM and allow the PAIGC leadership to determine who will be appointed as PM. In effect, both the Parliament and the PAIGC rejected the sack and reposed confidence in the sacked PM as the choice of the people.
    • Even, the Supreme Court ruled that Jomav violated the Constitution, explaining that the PAIGC won with a clear majority and thus the PAIGC has the authority to propose the NAME of the Prime Minister, according to PAIGC Statutes.


  1. The latest crises arose when the President of Guinea-Bissau, once again sacked the democratically elected PAIGC Government and is attempting to form another Government with the opposition party that lost the democratic elections and this is unconstitutional.
  2. The power struggle reached its peak on May 26, 2016 when the reactionary wing in the military collaborated with the unconstitutional act of the President, unleashed violence on the people, leaving eleven wounded, including two PAIGC Members of Parliament and a Secretary of State and some The fascist objective of President Jomav is to remove PAIGC from State Power; decapitate its top leadership, sack Prime Minister Domingos Simões Pereira and replace him with his stogie.
  3. But the PAIGC leadership and the democratically elected government have been resolute in defending the People’s democratic gains with civil disobedience. They have resolved never to leave the buildings that house the Prime Minister’s office, the various Ministries and Secretaries of State. Also, they resolved that they will not allow the seizure of the PAIGC National Headquarters, despite that the military has surrounded the PAIGC National Headquarters and prohibited some comrades from going



  1. We demand that ECOWAS and the Nigeria Government should make clear the role of the ECOWAS military intervention forces (called ECOMOG) because they were sent to Guinea Bissau during the 2012 coup, with the official role to protect the democratically elected authorities, and have remained there till date. We need to know whose interest is ECOMOG protecting now?
  2. We demand as stipulated by the Constitution and Election laws that the PAIGC should form the Guinea-Bissau Government, until the next legislative elections. The FACT of the matter remains that the PAIGC has the constitutional right to propose the name of the Prime Minister and Government. Secondly, the only legal majority is the one that is elected and it is the PAIGC.
  3. Also, we demand that the military and paramilitary forces should stop unleashing violence on the people, which has been prevalent since May 26. The military should vacate the PAIGC National
  4. We in ACIS are not unaware of the persistent plots by imperialist and anti-democratic forces to destroy the PAIGC using “fifth column” elements and opportunists to attempt to take over the PAIGC, but we salute the gallant efforts of honest and faithful comrades of Amilcar Cabral who are resolved to fight to victory.
  5. We are irrevocably committed to solidarity with our comrades in PAIGC. We share their concerns, their principles, and their total commitment to defend to the


Izwe leithu, i Africa!

The People! United! Can Never be defeated!!

Signed for ACIS:

Comrade Abiola Dabiri - Central Coordinator

Comrade Abiodun Aremu - Co-Coordinator


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