ACIS-M Programme for the Liberation of Nigeria



The continuing economic, political and social crises in our country will not disappear on its own accord. In any society where exploitation and oppression exist and the people desired freedom, they have to, as of necessity, UNITE and STRUGGLE for their common interests. The lesson of history is that the measure of freedom a society enjoys is a function of the struggle such society is prepared to carry out. Social change does not descend from heaven. Social change comes through the struggle.

A new Nigeria free of exploitation and oppression and under the collective interests and democratic management of the people is the primary objective of ACIS-M. In the spirit of this objective, ACIS-M shall extend solidarity to the African people and the rest of the oppressed people across the world in fulfilment of their aspirations for freedom.


  • ACIS-M recognises that the root cause of Nigeria’s problems is the unjust system of exploitation. Exploitation should be our common enemy because it is based on greed and selfishness. Exploitation is the main reason why millions of the oppressed masses (youth, aged and the sick, physically challenged, women, traders, farmers, artisans, etc) live in sub-human conditions of unemployment and without social security and welfare, inadequate food, clothing, medicine, education, shelter, electricity, potable water, etc.
  • ACIS-M believes it is the system of exploitation that is responsible for the enslavement of our country to foreign political and economic policies, high level corruption, disunity, insecurity, and failures by successive regimes to attend to the aspirations and basic needs of the people.
  • ACIS-M believes that Women cannot attain freedom outside the total freedom of the Nigerian society. A new Nigeria should ensure that all forms of exploitation and discrimination against women as a weaker sex are rooted out. This is in addition to combating discrimination and prejudices against women because of long-held patriarchal beliefs and practices.
  • ACIS-M believes the new Nigeria shall give no special treatment to any religion, but people must be allowed to exercise their religious belief or non-belief.
  • ACIS-M believes in equality of relationship among working peoples of all countries. Much as we recognise the rights to ethnic identities and self-determination, the uniting factor in organising and mobilising the people should be based on social class in socio-economic relations.
  • ACIS-M believes new ethical values based on a new economic system must emerge to direct and build a harmonious society. A new economic system that must make government responsible to the people should be the uniting factor.
  • These basic principles are the guiding philosophy adopted by ACIS-M in the struggle to bring about a new Nigeria.



  • We desire a society that should displace the present unjust order, where the few super-rich reigns in looted wealth, while the majority wallow in sub-human conditions.
  • We desire a new society that should guarantee ALL the people the rights and opportunities to meet their NEEDS and DESIRES.
  • The change we desire is not just about fulfilment of our material conditions but essentially about building an ethical values that would make the people fearless, just, selfless, contented and dignified.
  • Our desired change should prepare us to RESIST all forms of foreign domination but to build friendship with other peoples across the world based on solidarity, mutual respect and humane values.
  • We want a new Nigeria, whose leadership should not be slave to economic and political dictates of foreign powers.
  • We desire a new Nigerian State that shall be driven by collective interests and democratic management of the economy.


Without the people, we cannot attain the change we want. When we speak of the people, whether as Nigerian or as Afrikan, we mean:

  • "the working population in the formal and informal sectors who are subjected to indecent work conditions,
  • the millions of youth without education, jobs, and social security.
  • Women, aged, physically challenged and all those who are victims of one form of oppression and the other.

The “People” in NIGERIA to make to the change must judge themselves from this MIRROR (paraphrases of Fidel Castro & Fella Anikulapo)):

When we speak of the PEOPLE we are not talking about those who live in comfort or those who profit from the looting of our society, who glorify the class of looters, who  welcome and obey any repressive regime and impunity in government, and those who prostrate before the rulers of the moment because of selfish gains.

When we speak of the PEOPLE we are not talking about those who will say “we no wan die, we no wan wound, we no wan quench, we no wan go; I get one child, Mama dey for house, Papa dey for house,I wan build house, I don build house; We no wan quench, I wan enjoy, We no wan go, So policeman go slap your face, you no go talk; Army man go whip your yansh, u go dey look like donkey! Dem Sorrow, Tears and Blood”.

When we speak of STRUGGLE and we mention the PEOPLE we mean the working people and oppressed masses, those to whom everyone makes promises and who are deceived by all.

We mean the PEOPLE who want a better, more dignified and humane society; who are moved by profound commitment to justice, because they have suffered injustice, humiliation and mockery from every regimes – military & civilian.

We mean the PEOPLE who long for true and upright changes in all aspects of their life; PEOPLE who, to attain their FREEDOM, they believe in themselves and are ready to give even the very last breadth they have to bring about the desired humane society”.


These principles of our Organisation shall be presented to individuals or groups seeking to obtain membership of, or work in alliance with ACIS-M and shall be the basis of relationship with such individuals or group(s). It shall be the basis of our work from time to time.


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